Red Rock Relay + Ragnar

Red Rock Relays joins the Ragnar Nation

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Red Rock Relays + Ragnar

Ragnar and Red Rock Relays are two companies born from the same hills and sense of adventure. It was that shared mission and history that inspired Ragnar to step in to elevate and preserve this unique Utah event.

Why Ragnar?

Ragnar and Red Rock Relays both originated in Utah. While Ragnar has expanded beyond the Wasatch Back to become the largest relay series in the country and recently launched their first European overnight relay, Ragnar has stayed a local company headquartered in Salt Lake City. Red Rock Relays are known for a close-knit community vibe and courses that were designed to run through some of the most scenic views in the country, and we are dedicated to maintaining what made those events so unique.

Claim your FREE team!

In 2016 Red Rock Relays had to cancel their Zion overnight relay and was unable to issue refunds to registered teams. With that cancellation in mind, Ragnar saw an opportunity to make sure Red Rock runners could keep their relay teams running in 2017.

All teams that registered for the cancelled 2016 Red Rock events and didn’t receive a refund will get a free team at Reebok Ragnar Wasatch Back happening June 2-3, 2017, or any other open 2017 Ragnar event of their choice.* We’ll be reaching out to those team captains directly to get those free teams registered.

The remaining 2017 Red Rock Relay events are currently on hold, but we’re dedicated to bringing them back as soon as possible and will be working with the communities where these events took place to ensure that we can curate the safest, most unforgettable relay events on the planet.

Ragnar welcomes RRR runners (with a hearty discount)

For the rest of RRR runners who would still like to run a relay in 2017, we have a special offer to the granddaddy of overnight relays, Reebok Ragnar Wasatch Back. We’ll be sending Red Rock Relay runners a promo code with a hefty discount for Reebok Ragnar Wasatch Back 2017.

If you’re already signed up for Wasatch Back, or you’ve had your eye on a different Ragnar, Red Rock Relay runners will receive a separate (but no less generous!) discount to any open 2017 Ragnar Relay (road or trail*). There are plenty to choose from — find your Ragnar!

* Lottery and sold-out races are unavailable. Promo codes must be used during registration and for new teams only.

Keep in touch

We’ll keep you all up-to-date on future announcements. Runners can contact Ragnar directly with further questions at

How One Five-Year-Old Entered Race and Won Big

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The first race I ever ran I came in dead last.

It was a community race, held at the high school, and I was five years old. The distance was one lap around the track—a quarter mile. It seemed like every five-year-old in town entered that race, so the5 year olds first race 1980s style odds of coming in last must’ve been pretty low. Yet every other kid outran me. My mother snapped a photo as I walked across the finish line. My 70s-style tank top, a swathe of colorful stripes in blue ribbing, reveals my drooping shoulders.

I don’t think I cared much about winning then. I maybe even thought it was pointless. Who runs for fun, especially in circles? is my vague recollection from that day. But I got a plastic gold trophy for finishing (I broke it within the hour while playing in a nearby dirt pile), and I learned that winners get bigger trophies.

By third grade I was pretty fast. One day my teacher hauled our class out onto the playground and brought with him a provocative little contraption, the sight of which, most racers will attest, is like a jolt of caffeine: the stopwatch. He paced off forty yards, and then one by one we ran while he eyed the watch and jotted times onto a clipboard.

When all was said and done, I was the fastest boy in class. But there was a girl—a green-eyed beauty named Rhianna—whose time was more or less equivalent to mine. So at our teacher’s request, the two of us stepped up to the line while the class gathered ‘round. I didn’t really want to race Rhianna (probably because I was so intimidated by how doggone cute she was), but I wasn’t gonna hold back.

Forty yards later Rhianna reminded me why my crush was so well placed; she kicked my ass. My nine-year-old heart thumped with more than just adrenaline. Nevertheless, not only did I not win that race, I never won Rhianna’s heart.

After that my running mostly consisted of high school PE “fun runs” and dashes from the police. Generally I fared pretty well. I managed to avoid juvenile detention and jail several times. But then I let adult life get in the way of my rollicking ways, and one day, about five years ago, my sedentary lifestyle knocked the wind out of me—literally. I realized I was 50 pounds overweight, and I couldn’t ascend a flight of stairs without seeing stars.

To add insult to my self-inflicted injury, I had a neighbor who was a brazen ultramarathoner. He’d run through the neighborhood in his tiny shorts, bear public testimony of the mountains he scaled, and document his awesomeness on social media and local TV. But I wasn’t bitter. I instead decided to take up running.

My first day out I made it a half-mile before nearly vomiting. But that didn’t stop me from dreaming. I imagined that one day I would finally win a race, so I kept running, almost daily, adding distance as I felt comfortable.

At the time my wife was running, too. Every few months she’d sign up for a sprint triathlon or half marathon. She’d meet with her friends in the mornings two or three times a week and run across town. For her, she once explained, running is about bonding with friends. And paying to run—which is what she did when she entered those races—wasn’t so she could get a medal or a bag of schwag. It was so she could have an experience, grow with friends, and commit herself to staying fit.

fall leaves and trail running in utahEighteen months after I ran that first half-mile, the one that nearly turned my stomach out, I ran a trail half marathon. But I didn’t do it for a trophy or a medal. When I stepped up to the starting line below Mount Timpanogas that misty October morning, I felt light on my feet. I weighed 50 pounds less than I had two years previous, and there’s just something about morning air on your lungs, something elevating. I had made new friends that loved to adventure—mountain bike, run, backpack—and I no longer spent my evenings in front of Netflix with a box of Cheez-Its and a Redbull. My wife and I were even closer. In other words, I had already won. Still, I ran as fast as I could, because after all, running is about winning.

Ryan Trimble is a writer and photographer and second-rate outdoorsman. You can see more of his work at

Its Bob Marley’s Birthday, Lets Dance to JAH music!

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Feb 6th is always a special day in my forever teenage boy heart.  Why? It’s Robert Nesta Marley’s birthday…that’s why.

I often get asked who is your favorite band, and DUH that’s an easy one.  PHISH, I mean the Grateful Dead, wait no Pink Floyd, Jimi, The Doors…..aaaah my heart can’t choose just one, except on Feb 6th. It’s Bob’s birthday and we should forget our troubles and dance, dance to the jah music”  It’s hard for me to think of any other musician who created more happy, kind and loving experiences , both lyrically and musically, while preaching on injustices, history, wanting equality, spirituality, and other things.  Is there a more contagious smile in the music past?  #mancrush!

I’ve always loved music, my dad was a dead head, he loved The Rolling Stones Jefferson Airplane, Janis Joplin and all that other amazing music from an amazing era and area in San Fran in the late 60’s and into the 70’s.  I guess you could say that my love for sound vibrations is in my DNA.  Combine that with the young mind and heart full of ideas and excitement about the possibilities of life, love, adventure, learning and living and this kids was pretty into rock and roll as an art form.  These feelings and music created magical times, when the most important ‘appointments’  revolved around campfires in the canyon and who was gonna be able to borrow their parents car pick everyone up.  Sneaking the cordless phone late at night to call a cute girl you were to nervous to talk to at school….when you actually got to talk to them late into the night instead of texting and snapchatting. Oh the simple days.

So this weekend i hope you  take a few deep breaths, crank up the reggae  and let the POSITIVE VIBRATIONS flow while you LIVELY UP YOURSELF!

bob-marley-talkin'-blues-album-coverTalkin’ Blues has always been my favorite album. A little obscure, but the interviews make me wanna hang in Jamaica and just listen the accents,  while the older, less studio worked songs have a sound that just seems simple and light.




Don’t worry bout a thing, Because every little thing is gonna be alright!!

7 Funny Running Tank Tops

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7 Funny Running Tank Tops to make you giggle

It’s hard to make an impression when you’re running because you’re moving soooo quickly. But these head-turning tees will make the fast readers chuckle. And if there’s anything that’s a close second to running, it’s chuckling. Which one of these funny running tees would you wear?

Always do your okay-est

running tank top









Forget form, run for your life!

running stye is startled gazell









Would you like my list in alphabetical order? It starts with avocados and goes all the way to zebra cakes.

what to eat after running


Running is cheaper than therapy

On your mark, get set, slow down

This one’s for your grandma

It’s all worth it when you can almost keep up with the taco truck


10 Tips for Running in Cold Weather

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10 Tips for Running in Cold Weather

winter running

Your breath is visible puffs of steam, your fingers are tingling, there’s a buzzing behind your ears. No, you’re not at a 90s rave…you’re running in the elements. The temperatures dip, but the demands of training don’t. How do you run outside when Mother Nature seems to be forcing you to run back inside? Try these 10 tips for running in the cold months and you can tell winter to check out your stats on Strava.

1.) Warm up before you head out.

Key word: warm. While you’re inside take a few minutes to stretch, do a few jumping jacks, jog in place, and get your heart rate up. Not only will your dog look at you like you’re a weirdo, you’ll also trick your body into thinking it’s warm when you initially get outdoors. As you continue on your run your body will naturally produce heat.

2.) Dress in layers.

This isn’t just fashion sense; it’s common sense when you’re dressing for the cold. Wear several lightweight layers that you can take off (or put back on). Start with a moisture wicking layer of running tights and a long sleeved shirt. Then add pants or shorts, shirts, and jackets that won’t add too much bulk, but will still protect you from the wind and chill. You’ll look so fetch! And you won’t have to fetch a ride home when you’re freezing.

3.) Cover your extremities.

Toes, fingers, and ears are especially vulnerable to the cold. Invest in quality gloves, a head covering, and wool socks. If it’s really cold, and you’re really hardcore, you can wear a balaclava to cover your face. Most of your body will get warmer as you run, but if you don’t protect your fingers, that’s the only thing you’ll feel. Be kind to your delicate digits.

4.) Find a safe trail, sidewalk or road.

You want to keep running, but you don’t want to put yourself at risk of an injury. Only run on clear or salted sidewalks and trails. Slipping looks really funny on YouTube videos, but it’s a lot less funny if you get hurt, and therefore, can’t train until you heal. If it’s “ice, ice baby, too cold” make like Vanilla Ice, and “stop.” You’ll have to break it down on the treadmill.

5.) Make sure you’re visible.

Snowdrifts, gray skies, and fog can make you less visible to cars. Think like a car. Make sure people can see you. Wear a headlamp. It will be good practice for your night legs at Red Rock Relay. You can also wear reflective gear.

6.) Take it easy.

Don’t expect to get your fastest times, or your longest routes. Opt for a short loop so you can assess how you’re feeling after each one. Remember, running a little bit is better than not running at all.

7.) Stay as dry as possible.

The only thing worse than being cold is being wet and cold. Avoid puddles. A soaking wet foot in the cold will soon become a foot-sicle.

8.) Don’t forget to hydrate.

Sometimes people forget to drink water when it’s cold. Even though you might not feel as sweaty as you would after a hot workout, you’re still going to need to replenish your fluids. Stay on top of your hydration so you’re not playing catch-up. You’ll run better and you’ll feel better. Bonus: you’ll even look better. #WATERfortheWIN

9.) Take off your sweaty clothes immediately post-run.

Speaking of sweat – be sure to shed your layers as soon as you’re back from your run. If you stay in your wet clothes it will take you longer to warm up. Why shiver when you’re indoors?

10.) Be smart.

Pay attention to signs of frostbite, or worse – hypothermia. No training sesh is worth your long-term health. If weather or wind is extreme, there are plenty of at-home workouts that improve your running – think about strengthening abs, doing yoga, or spending some time on a stationary bike. It won’t be winter forever, so get out there and enjoy it when you can. winter running 2

10 Best Running Memes

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10 Best Running Memes

Runners are gluttons for pain, but that doesn’t mean they don’t enjoy a laugh. From Ryan Gosling to Spongebob, everyone has an opinion about the sometimes-punishing sport. Here are a few of the best memes that show the Internet sometimes “gets it” when it comes to running.

Don’t even think about using the stairs.

running meme long run

This is why Facebook has an “untag” option

cross country running meme


People won’t believe you

elf running meme


Leave your balls at home.



Running amnesia is a thing.



And they say running isn’t a team sport. #gothighs

running meme thighs clapping


Sometimes 4 miles turns into 6. #bonusmiles

spongebob running meme


Okay, Ryan, but only if it makes you happy.

ryan gosling hey girl running meme


Getting in touch with your inner Gollum is precious.

gollum running meme


Sweet, new gear!