First Things First: Getting Your Crew Together

Do I need to have all 12 people on my team in order to register?

HHHHHHH NO!!! You do not need to have your entire team put together before you sign up. if you had to wait for every slacker you’re gonna inspire to adventure and greatness, we would never get anything done. When you sign up as a captain you will get a link to invite and harass your peeps and pals to build the team. You can add or substitute team members for free until about 6 weeks before the event. After that, you can still add or substitute team members, but there is a small fee involved. Most of this is just so we can make sure your swag is ordered on time and in the right sizes.

How far do I have to run?

Looks like your glass is half empty with that kind of silly vocabulary. What you prolly meant was how far do you GET to run?


Each team member runs 3 times (or legs, as we refer to them) over the course of Red Rock. Legs vary from 3 to 8 miles long (but OMG you’re gonna look so dang hot afterwords). Legs vary in difficulty and distance, but that’s not the only consideration when choosing legs. You should also think about elevation gain and loss (we have some long quad burning downhills that will make you cry tears of joy but OMG your gonna look so dang hot afterwords). This unique relay format makes the Red Rock Relay an accessible race for beginners, yet challenging enough for the most competitive athletes. And unlike other relay events such as hood to coast or ragnar relay, RRR lets you change the order around. If you run leg one, you don’t have to run leg 13 and 25. You and your team can mix it up however you like, as long as exchanges take place at each exchange point for safety reasons.

Park City and Moab

The two one-day, one van events work in the same way with 12 legs total. Six peeps on a “regular” team and the standard is each runner running two legs. And we let you choose the order in which you do them. We are the relay equivalent of Burger KIng. Run it your way

Do I have to be a runner?

You’re not Usain Bolt? Not even sure what a 5K means? No problem. There are thousands of competitive runs out there, but our main goal at RRR is to have an experience of adventure and beauty in some of the most wonderful destinations Utah has to offer.  Come power walk, jog slow, run fast, JUST BE HERE. We won’t judge.

What if a runner becomes injured and cannot finish their designated legs?

Just make sure the body isn’t found……oh wait we have been watching too many dramatic episodes of CSI.

If a runner becomes injured mid-leg, a teammate from the same van can finish that leg for their runner. BE FREAKING CAREFUL. THIS IS THE ONLY time you are allowed to exchange while not at a designate exchange. The remaining leg/s must be run by someone from that same van but are not required to be run by the same runner.

Can I have a pacer?

waynes world pacerReally? Those where some of the worst cars ever made. That being said, the one from Wayne’s World was pretty rad.

Run pacers are allowed during nighttime hours. The run pacer must wear all the same safety gear as the runner. The run pacer can be, but does not have to be, a member of the team. We ask that you run single file when pacing as required by the surface of the road. (think narrow shoulder lanes) Bike pacers are allowed on SOME legs during nighttime hours but ONLY on running paths and bike lanes that are separated from the road. The bike pacer must wear a bike helmet and all the same safety gear as the runner. The bike pacer can be, but does not have to be, a member of the team. We ask that the biker ride in front of or behind the runner.

How long does it take teams to finish RRR?

How good are you at cheating? 🙂 Anywhere from 18-36 hours; the majority finish somewhere between 25-32 hours.

Park City and Moab are one-dayers and team times vary from 7 hours to 12 hours.

Do we need dedicated drivers?

Well that depends on what is in your “water bottle” Drivers are not required. Most teammates take turns driving.

Is there a limit to how many vehicles my team can bring?

MOAB is our most limited course and so let’s be honest… we ask that you only bring one vehicle per team. It’s the only way to have courtesy and respect to all the runners. So if you tell yourself, “let’s just take two cars and nobody else will know”….Santa Claus will, he sees when you’re sleeping, he knows if you’ve been bad or good, so be good for goodness sake #pleas

Park City is not as imperative as Moab for the vehicle thing but we sure would dig it because some of the exchanges have pretty limited parking, and we want the experience to be super doooooper for er’one

ZION: two vehicles per team period. if you try to bring three or an extra large RV over  the size spec, the greek gods of autos and highways will spontaneously destroy your vehicle AND all your cute running shoes and tights.

What does “No Van Support” mean?

No one on your team is allowed out of the van to support the runner on “No Van Support” legs. RRR will provide a water station on “No Van Support” legs that are over 4 miles long. RRR will provide two water stations on legs that are over 8 miles long.

What about ice cream? ……….yeah WHAT ABOUT ICE CREAM

Can a runner join the team late if they have to work on Friday?

Yes. When the runner joins up with the team, the rest of the team needs to fill them in on everything you learned in the safety briefing. When the runner parks to join up with the team or when the runner is dropped off to join up with the team, they need to do so somewhere “off course”, meaning that the runner’s vehicle will not be allowed to park in one of our exchange points. Parking is very limited, so please be kind, considerate, loving, understanding of others…because yes just one extra car does make a difference

What if a runner drops out during a run or during the relay?

Seriously high school is super important. Can’t you just stick it out? Apply yourself and maybe get a tutor? Life is hard and even harder without an education. DON’T DROP OUT, stay in school.

But if a runner drops out during a run or at any point, another runner may pick up their legs.

I'm having trouble putting a team together any suggestions?

Yes a few tips… have you read “how to win friends and influence people?” My mom says I should shower more often too, but who has time for that.

The best way to put together a team is to put someone in charge of filling each van. That way two people are trying to find just 5 people each.
Don’t just rely on your own friends. Friends of friends can join as well as friends of friends of friends……and maybe their friends?
Start putting your team together in advance if possible. It’s a lot easier to recruit people when they have time to train and before their schedule gets too busy. LIKE NOW!!

Yes a few tips… have you read “how to win friends and influence people?” My mom says I should shower more often too, but who has time for that.

  • The best way to put together a team is to put someone in charge of filling each van. That way two people are trying to find just 5 people each.
  • Don’t just rely on your own friends. Friends of friends can join as well as friends of friends of friends……and maybe their friends?
  • Start putting your team together in advance if possible. It’s a lot easier to recruit people when they have time to train and before their schedule gets too busy.  LIKE NOW!!
  • Don’t just look for runners. Lots of people that are in reasonable shape would love to compete. Talk to everyone
  • Try putting together just half of a team and use the Red ROCK Relay Facebook page to recruit the other half. You should be able to find someone that has enough runners for another van.

Don’t just look for runners. Lots of people that are in reasonable shape would love to compete. Talk to everyone
Try putting together just half of a team and use the Red ROCK Relay Facebook page to recruit the other half. You should be able to find someone that has enough runners for another van.

General Race Questions

How do runners get from one exchange to the next?


One runner RUNS …go figure….  at a time, from point A to point B (exchange to exchange). The rest of their team drives ahead and cheers the runner on, makes fun of their outfit, and also offers support if needed (although there are a very small number of legs that for safety reason do not allow van support) . When the first runner nears the end of their leg, runner 2 waits for them at the exchange point where they hand off the baton (slap bracelet) and runner 2 begins their leg. After all 6 runners from Van 1 complete their legs, they meet up with runners 7-12, brag about how much better they are, and the cycle begins again with van 2. When your van is inactive, you will have a few hours to rest, eat, and  talk trash until it’s your turn to start running again.


These locations work the same, but there is only one van that stays active the whole race, so when it come to talking smack to the other van, well you will just have to heckle the other teams.

Who provides the vans?

Well in a communist regime we would all be entitled to the sweetest vans that the famous luxury automobile manufacturer YUGO makes, but unfortunately in this “free country” teams must provide their own vans. The ideal choice is a 12-15 passenger van. Teams often use Minivans and Suburban as well.  but if you’re feeling super old school and wanna use a classic woody station wagon, be our guest….just don’t fight over who gets the rear facing back seat.

woody station wagon

Do both vans need to be at the start?

No, only van one needs to be at the start.

What about RVs?

We recommend 15 passenger vans whenever possible. You’ll have plenty of room to relax. Suburbans are also great vehicles. We don’t recommend anything smaller than a mini-van. We don’t allow anything larger than a 15 passenger van (approx 20 ft. long). We do not allow any vehicle wider than 7 feet and/or longer than 20′. Motorhomes, RV’s, campers, trailers, buses or limos are not allowed on the course and/or at the exchanges by any team or spectator at any time. Failure to meet these standards will result in disqualification. For any doubts about the legality of team vehicle, please contact the race director prior to the race for approval.

How fast do I have to be to run in RRR?

We have runners of all skill levels, from 15 min/mile beginners to elite ultra marathoners, and plenty of “moms who go to college.” Your average team pace needs to be around 12 min per mile or faster so that your team has enough time to finish the race within our window. Course markings and set up is essential to you and your team’s safety which is why we have the windows. The whole “course” is not set up all at the same time.

How are the legs rated easy, moderate, hard, or very hard?

We throw darts and let fate choose…,
The legs are rated on a combination of both the distance and overall elevation change. There are some downhill legs that will make your quads scream for mercy

What should I bring?

All the stuff you need silly. We have a great rent-a-mom service available for you too, if you need her to do your packing like she does for us still.

Each runner MUST have their own reflective vest. Each van must have 2 headlamps and 2 flashing LED lights. You MUST show all of these items to receive your race bibs and packets.

Do I need a reflective vest, head lamp, and butt lamp?

Yes you do. everyone needs a reflective vest or belt.  everyone should have at least one headlamp, 50 lumens or more is best, and everyone should have a butt light/tail light.

Here are some cheap, cheap options from Amazon that will get the job done

I've never run at night before and it scares me. Are we running with people?

Night runs usually end up being most people’s favorite run during a RRR. Remember as kids playing kick the can and ghost in the graveyard on summer nights….and you parents wondering where the heck you are when you didn’t come home on time …whelp me neither. You will most likely see other runners, however, it depends on where your team is in relation to the pack during the relay.  

Will the course be marked?

Oh hell, that’s a good idea….sorry we gotta go and get something done right quick 🙂

Yes. We pride ourselves in excellent course marking…and crepes, we are damn good at making crepes. There will be signs at every turn and confusing section on the course. After dark, signs will have flashing LED lights to make them more visible. However, due to weather, trouble-making teenagers and other factors, sometimes our signs fall over, disappear or get thrown in a ditch (yeah that’s happened more than once). We’ll have course marshals on the route to maintain them, but it’s a good idea to study the map for your race leg and run with your cell phone in case you’re lost.

Are there water and aid stations along the course

If a leg is designated “No Van Support” (meaning teammates are not allowed to get out of the van and support their runner) and is longer than 4 miles, we will have a water station. We have water at every major exchange. Check the RACE GUIDE link to find out about food along the course. We recommend carrying water and whatever food you will need for your runs.

Is there a party?

Only if you promise to do it like it’s 1999!!
In the past after the Zion race we have tried to put on a great party but with sleep deprivation, driving home and the effort of running is mostly fizzled. So we decided to really try and make an exchange one our super party place – food trucks, music and showers.
Park CIty and Moab being one-dayers have a little more play time with night before festivities bon fires and post-race dancing, twerking, slack lining, brats and burgers.

Will there be food?

We always have PB and honey sammiches at the finish line, along with fruit and drinks that are included in the race registration. Additional food will be from sponsors like Gnarly Nutrition, and Blendtec spinning smoothies, and more for purchase provided by local food trucks TBD.

Will there be showers?

There should be….because damn son, yousall stink!! ….and it’s kinda awesome. We will make you a deal. We won’t shower all week before the race so we smell almost as bad as you.

Please check your race guide for the lowdown on showers.

Where can I buy RRR gear?

Well for the moment we are out of stock. We got robbed by a wild bunch of rogue monkeys who wanted to look super hip and cute at the gym working out in our great merch. Stay tuned for our new 2016 merch to be featured on the website.

What if my t-shirt is the wrong size?

You can exchange your UNWORN t-shirt at the finish line, or if you are a sweet talking door-to-door encyclopedia salesperson you are welcome to try and bride anyone on course.

Can I get a new car sticker?

Well that depends, is your car super cool and/or #totesadorbs? Then, yes! email

How can I become a volunteer?

Karma points for daaaaaaayz!!! Send us an email to info@redrockrelay and tell us what race you wanna help out and your hours of availability

Will I get any sleep?

Grandma is that you, did you forget your big girl panties? What the hell kinda question is that? You never hear anybody start out some amazing stories with “OMG, this one time i went to bed early and…………#BORING”

I'm not sure of all this training and commitment. What will my family, friends, and other people think when i get up early to go …...running of all things?

If you are worried about what other people will think, I’ve got really good news for you. Most people don’t think.

What Charities do you work with?


Who founded RRR?

These morons:

Why do we have to provide volunteers?

TRICK QUESTION. We know you have been trained and conditioned by “the man” that at events like hood to coast relay and Ragnar relay that you either have to provide volunteers or “donate out.” We don’t require volunteers anywhere or charge a dumb silly fee, we work with local entities and donate enough through them that they provide all our volunteers to make it so you can just focus on having a RADICAL ADVENTURE

What makes RRR so damn special?

Sit back and relax because the answer to this question is gonna be long and passionate. Our new video sums up how we feel about the location, the event and running with our besties.


Or read on for our sentimental essay, (AP english is finally paying off…yeah right, we barely graduated, thank baby buddah for spell check)

Running and being outdoors has been a part of who we are since we were just weee lads. Born, raised and inbred in Utah with some hard working parents, money was never too abundant but love was, so our vacations of choice/necessity were always camping, getting dirty and exploring hiking and every once in awhile a splurge meal at the luxury golden corral and skippers…see we are talking BIG time.
As teenagers backpacking and mountain biking became more important than new clothes and high school dances. Our heros became (LINK) Edward Abbey, John Muir, Everett Ruess and Jon Krakauer, not from a political sense but from a inspirational sense, to travel and experience a life of adventure and passion, to live for moments and memories. Spending time in these special places became not just a hobby but a longing in the DNA to experience wild things and wild places. To have physical challenges that would in turn enlighten and engage body, mind and senses. Sometimes to the point of addiction. Did you ever come home late just to get a run or bike ride in on the way home from work? Or skip the office lunch because you had a “doctors appointment” with mother nature….oh wait, neither did we.

Triathlons, marathons, crossfit and some gym sessions filled our day to day lives until we could get back in the wild. We participated in great events like ragnar wasatch back, ironman triathlon, mountain bike races and the ever-famous St. George marathon. Then one day over a few beers and the desire for yet another road trip, we thought…..why not an overnight relay that’s beautiful, uncrowded and straight up ga

I can't decide which RRR I should do?

That is a common problem. Studies show that 65% of Americans are confused, the other 35% aren’t sure. Your best bet is to just try them, and with our current bribe…..eerrrrr uuuuuh pricing promotion, you might as well do them all. And remember, registration rolls over, so if you don’t do Park City this year, you can roll it over for free to 2017

What time does the race start?

The starts are staggered throughout the day, based upon your team’s average pace. Slower teams start earlier, while faster teams start later.

Zion start times are 6 am and 3pm and Park City and Moab are from 6 am to 11 am

How do you figure out start times?

Super scientifically…. we pull straws…or maybe this is a better idea? You will enter average pace at registration and then 4 weeks out we will email and re-ask the question and you can update/modify if your team has become faster or slower with new team members.

Please please please PLEASE make this as accurate as possible. Here’s why; if you say you are slow and you are fast you will get ahead of our set up crew and be disappointed, sad, mad and (maybe even lost) then, if and when you get the the finish line and no one is there…like that blind date in college who stood you up ….(he didn’t deserve you anyway 🙂

If you say you are fast and you are slow, the sweep/clean up crew will be nipping at your heels like a junkyard dog hopped up on espresso and red bull.

Is there an age requirement to participate in RRR?

All participants must be at least 12 years old and all participants 18 and under must submit a participation waiver signed by a parent or guardian. This waiver is normally sent out to all underage participants a few weeks prior to the race.

Can I bring my friends and family to watch?

Absolutely. And since you have so many extra friends who are willing to come watch you run, do you think you could coach us on how to get people to love you so much? May we recommend giving them a copy of the race maps as well, as there are parts on all the courses that don’t have cell phone service.

How should I train?

DONUTS, Diet Coke, mmmmm movie popcorn, and OMG have you tried tillamook ice cream (link) oh wait, we thought you asked why should i train?
Train as you would for a half marathon. Train for 8-12 weeks ahead of your event, depending on your mileage. A good rule of thumb is to increase your mileage by 10% each week. Get your teammates together and do a few runs in the dark and have fun! You can also check out the training schedule HERE…

When will we know our start time?

How good is your ESP? We’ll typically send out an email to the team captains five to six weeks before the race. Team captains will be able to submit an updated team pace,

We post the start times on the site blog HERE.

Can we cross the finish line together as a team?

I don’t know CAN you? Do you mean MAY we cross the finish line together as a team?

Yes, we encourage teams to cross the finish line together and get their RRR GLORY team picture. Stay in touch with the other van so you know when to be at the finish line. We have volunteers about 200 yards from the finish line radioing in which teams are arriving. We’ll announce the team number so your team can run out and meet the last runner.

Where do we collect our race bib and packet?

See the specific race page and click “race guide” to grab this info.


Does RRR record our splits?

YOU CAN DO THE SPLITS? No way that’s freaking sweet. Let me get my camera

No, we only record start and finish time for an overall time. We record the fact that teams come into exchanges but not the time.

What if we see an accident or are involved in an accident?

Call 911.  Again we have volunteers and marshalls on the course and every city and entity (highway patrol, police, etc) know the event is happening but it is literally impossible for us cover the whole course at any given time.  Please be prepared.  Have a first aid kit. Know how to use it.  Look before  you cross. YOUR SAFETY IS YOUR RESPONSIBILITY.  So please be safe so we can play again.

Where can I find medical help?

See above. We will have extensive first aid kits at each of the van exchanges for the Zion race and all the hospitals are listed in your race guide, and as always use 911 in an emergency situation.

And Colorado runners we ask that you kindly leave your Medical kind at home, unless of course you bring enough to share with everyone.

Can we use the RRR Logo on our t-shirts?

Yes, as long as you promise to love RRR, to have and to hold, from this day forward, for better, for worse, for richer, for poorer, in sickness and in health, to love and to cherish, till death do us part. Download the files HERE and if you wanna #hashbrag about your design and want us to post it on social media send us your cool artwork and team name to

Can we get a refund?

There are no team refunds once the team has registered, but you will NEVER lose your money.  All registrations can be rolled over to another year, or transferred to another person/team.

When will the results be posted online?

The results will be posted online typically within 3 days. If you whine and cry and keep asking, “are we there yet?” I’ll pull this car over right now and you will walk, mister.

When will photos be online for purchase?

Photos are typically available online for purchase within 1 week after the race. And here’s the catch. PHOTOS ARE FREEEEEEE. We will have 3 professional photographers on course at iconic locations taking just the raddest pics possible. We will send an email to all the runners once they are processed and posted and you can download the hades out of them and brag endlessly about how much fun you had.

Can I bring my dog?

Super Labradoodle Running BuddyNo dogs on the course. No dogs at the event. We love dogs, too, especially if they look like this but this is a safety issue for participants and for the dogs.

Can I bring my monkey?

Just like the dog, not allowed, unless its a “rent-a-monkey” and you have the option to buy if you bring it back damaged or broken.

Should I be nervous about wild animals?

Oh yes, and zombies too, because the odds of you getting attacked by either is roughly the same.

What if I get lost on the course?

Like philosophically? Aren’t we all just dust in the wind. I mean do you really KNOW, I MEAN KNOW where you came from and why you’re here?  Damn, that reminds me, I need to reschedule with my therapist.

Retrace your steps until you reach the point where you went off course, carry a cell phone, and if this is a worry for you, a whistle is another good resource to carry while running

Are there prizes for top finishing teams?

Yes, the first place team in each division will get a free entry to another RRR event. 2nd and 3rd place teams will get 50% off any other RRR event.  Pretty Rad huh?!?!?!?

When should my team plan on checking in?

90 minutes before your assigned start time…or if you have a start time before 8am you are welcome to check in the night before at the packet pick up. Remember, start times will be assigned 3 weeks prior to the event.

What if it's bad weather? Will you cancel or postpone the race? Will there be a refund?

Over the years we have all sorts of wacky weather. It’s Utah, from the mountains to the desert, and it can change so fast and so drastically.  BE PREPARED. We do reserve the right to change or modify the course based on current situations and conditions to protect all participants safety.  We have never had to cancel an event, but we have had to modify them.  Refunds cannot be given as the weather is beyond our control and we as a business that still has to pay all the costs of putting the event on, even if mother nature chooses to wreak havoc on us.

Does our entire team have to check in together?

No they do not, but please please pretty please with a cherry on top make sure that at least two peeps per van are super familiar with the race guide and the maps and safety rules and regs.

Is there a safety briefing we have to attend before we start?

MOAB REQUIRES it the night before that the captain or designated agent from team MUST attend, details will be emailed to all the captains 2 weeks before the event

I’d like to be a sponsor or vendor, what should I do?

We’re always interested in partnering with sponsors and local vendors that add value to our events! We have vendor booth spaces and sponsorship packages available. If interested, please click HERE to fill out our form.