mar 8, 2014
may 10, 2014
Sept 12-13, 2014
Park City
oct 11, 2014
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moab may 10, 2014

Red Rock Relay's Moab edition comes to you LIVE on May 10, 2014!

Teams of six will start before sunrise and run relay-style through 63 miles of Moab's back country red rock and alpine terrains, finishing their exhilarating and fulfilling race day before sunset. The one-day relay format offers runners all the fun, freedom, and friendship that they love about relays but doesn't keep them out past their bedtime!

Every team member will be slapped in the face by gorgeous scenery on each of their two runs, and by the end of the day they will be graciously thanking the La Sal mountains for handing them their backside in such a uniquely beautiful setting. When it isn't your turn to run, please indulge in team-mate cheering and hydrating, bizarre and creative photograph taking, spontaneous dance partying, and gratuitous hamstring foam-rolling.

Sounds like a recipe for a perfect day!

Join us at Swanny Park for a start line extravaganza!

Runners head out of Moab and up the canyon for a stretch before turning into the La Sal mountains. The sunburned cliffs fade into more alpine vegitation as teams climb through the cool, crisp air. Brace yourself for the apex of the climb where a 180° view over Moab's famous red rock formations opens up and you will want to stop running and take a planking photo or sing something from The Sound of Music.

The course then cruises back down through the other side of the La Sal's, where you will make up all the time you lost due to the afore mentioned planking and yodeling.

You will be welcomed back into good old Swanny Park where we are waiting to adorn your neck with a medal and take your team photo in front of a sassy, good looking RRR trailer!

Full Course - 63 miles

Early Bird Registration
8/20/2013 - 1/31/2014
Regular Team (6 person) - $479
Ultra Team (3 person) - $279
High School Team (3 person) - $279

Regular Registration
2/1/2014 - 3/31/2014
Regular Team (6 person) - $529
Ultra Team (3 person) - $329
High School Team (3 person) - $329

Late Registration
4/1/2014 - 5/10/2014
Regular Team (6 person) - $579
Ultra Team (3 person) - $379
High School Team (3 person) - $379

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