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Red Rock Relay Moab edition comes to you LIVE on May 14, 2016! Forget all the hassle and drama and logistical planning you know about overnight relays. The Moab Red Rock Relay one-day format offers runners… READ MORE »


Red Rock Relay Moab edition comes to you LIVE on May 14, 2016! Forget all the hassle and drama and logistical planning you know about overnight relays. The Moab Red Rock Relay one-day format offers runners all the party and performance with epic beauty and radical team atmosphere that you love, but doesn’t keep you out past bedtime….well not running at least, because there is plenty of fun and trouble to be had in Moab. Run two legs during the day, and plan some other great activities to do while you’re down here. www.discovermoab.com

Teams of six will start around sunrise and run relay-style through 65 miles of Moab’s back country red rock and alpine terrains, finishing their exhilarating and fulfilling race day before sunset. Every runner gets pretty much one uphill leg and one downhill leg, unless of course you are doing it ultra. Then your chosen path of suffering just isn’t rational and can’t really be described here #blessyourheart

Every team member will be slapped in the face by gorgeous scenery on each of their two legs, and by the end of the day everyone will be graciously thanking the La Sal Mountain Loop, Castle Valley and the Colorado River for handing them their backside in such a uniquely beautiful way. When it isn’t your turn to run, feel free to indulge in team-mate cheering, yelling and dancing, bizarre and creative photograph taking, and gratuitous hamstring foam-rolling…..hopefully from someone less stinky than you.


Registration for 2017 Red Rock Relays is currently on hold, but never fear! We will be back and better than ever before you know it. Too eager to wait? Consider running one of our sister races with Ragnar Relays! For a limited time, Red Rock Relay runners can register for the Ragnar of their choice at a hefty discount.





Join us at Swanny Park for a start line extravaganza! Does anyone really know what an extravaganza is? I sure as shizzle do not, but it sure sounds exciting and makes me wanna get #CrayCray.

Runners head out of Moab towards Arches National Park before turning up the canyon/Colorado River Portal road for extreme mother nature eye candy and visual running bliss. After passing the (LINK) Castle Creek Winery the caravan turns right into Castle Valley proper and up up up and away into La Sal mountains. The sunburned cliffs fade into more alpine vegetation as teams climb through the cool, crisp air. Brace yourself for the apex of the climb where a 180° view over Moab’s famous red rock formations opens up and you will want to stop running and take in your daily allotment of #selfies, what dosage are you at 100 SPD (selfies per day) whilst singing The Sound of Music….. or Metallica. To each their own.

The course then cruises and by cruise I mean vehemently drops downhill to punish your pasty white quads (please for everyone’s benefit shave and apply tanning lotion liberally) down through the other side of the La Sal’s known as Spanish Valley. This downhill is where you will make up all the time you lost due to the aforementioned selfie sacrament…..but really enjoy the ride, this isn’t talladega nights #ifyouaintfirstyourelast

Pst. can we let you on to a little secret? There is a super rad little lake you will almost pass called Ken’s Lake. ‘Mosdef’ add this place as a come back and hang super soon place.

Coming back into Moab, we will be waiting for you (jealous of your day of adventure while we have to work) at good old Swanny Park where we are waiting to adorn your neck with a medal and take your team photo and spoil you with gourmet PB and honey sammiches’ and fruit.

2016 Moab Race Guide Coming Soon



The race maps are included in the race guides.

Race guides will be updated prior to race weekend. However, feel free to use the 2016 GUIDE as reference.


DIG IT!! Photos this year are gonna be free and beautiful so please make sure we have your email in our database so when we get them up and posted you can download yours and #hashbrag to all your loved ones via social media.


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