Red Rock Relays joins the Ragnar Nation

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Red Rock Relay + Ragnar

Red Rock Relays + Ragnar

Ragnar and Red Rock Relays are two companies born from the same hills and sense of adventure. It was that shared mission and history that inspired Ragnar to step in to elevate and preserve this unique Utah event.

Why Ragnar?

Ragnar and Red Rock Relays both originated in Utah. While Ragnar has expanded beyond the Wasatch Back to become the largest relay series in the country and recently launched their first European overnight relay, Ragnar has stayed a local company headquartered in Salt Lake City. Red Rock Relays are known for a close-knit community vibe and courses that were designed to run through some of the most scenic views in the country, and we are dedicated to maintaining what made those events so unique.

Claim your FREE team!

In 2016 Red Rock Relays had to cancel their Zion overnight relay and was unable to issue refunds to registered teams. With that cancellation in mind, Ragnar saw an opportunity to make sure Red Rock runners could keep their relay teams running in 2017.

All teams that registered for the cancelled 2016 Red Rock events and didn’t receive a refund will get a free team at Reebok Ragnar Wasatch Back happening June 2-3, 2017, or any other open 2017 Ragnar event of their choice.* We’ll be reaching out to those team captains directly to get those free teams registered.

The remaining 2017 Red Rock Relay events are currently on hold, but we’re dedicated to bringing them back as soon as possible and will be working with the communities where these events took place to ensure that we can curate the safest, most unforgettable relay events on the planet.

Ragnar welcomes RRR runners (with a hearty discount)

For the rest of RRR runners who would still like to run a relay in 2017, we have a special offer to the granddaddy of overnight relays, Reebok Ragnar Wasatch Back. We’ll be sending Red Rock Relay runners a promo code with a hefty discount for Reebok Ragnar Wasatch Back 2017.

If you’re already signed up for Wasatch Back, or you’ve had your eye on a different Ragnar, Red Rock Relay runners will receive a separate (but no less generous!) discount to any open 2017 Ragnar Relay (road or trail*). There are plenty to choose from — find your Ragnar!

* Lottery and sold-out races are unavailable. Promo codes must be used during registration and for new teams only.

Keep in touch

We’ll keep you all up-to-date on future announcements. Runners can contact Ragnar directly with further questions at

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